Yokohama Cosmoworld

Yokohama Cosmoworld

Yokohama, Japan

Rating: 3 out of 5.

“The home of the one and only Vanish”

A trip to Japan can deliver many new coaster credits. In fact, you don’t even have to exit the nation’s capital for that. Of course there’s the world-famous Tokyo Disney Resort, but the city’s also full of medium-sized amusement parks. One of them is Yokohama Cosmoworld. Okay, I admit… this park is actually in Yokohama, but it only takes a short train ride from Tokyo’s Shibuya station to get there. Be sure to take the trip if you’re interested in a legendary coaster credit.


A total of three credits are currently operating at Yokohama Cosmoworld. Two of them aren’t special at all. Family Banana Coaster has a cute monkey and banana theme, but the ride is meant for young children. Spinning Coaster is a classic Reverchon model, just like the rides you can find on many funfairs. The only (somewhat) unique thing about this ride is the fact that it’s placed on top of a large building. This makes the coaster look much taller than it actually is.

The most iconic ride at Yokohama Cosmoworld is Diving Coaster: Vanish. This ride has become world-famous thanks to its third descent, which seems to vanish in the depths of a pool. You can’t visit this amusement park without making a photo of the splashdown, but riders should be careful. Vanish provides a rough experience and the over-the-shoulder restraints are uncomfortable. The best part of the ride is obviously the recognizable drop, but the most intense part is definitely the double helix at the end.


It’s almost impossible not to find Cosmoworld. The park is dominated by a 112-metre tall Ferris wheel called the Yokohama Cosmo Clock. It can be seen from kilometres away and I’m sure it provides awesome views. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to check this, as Cosmo Clock remained closed because of the strong winds. Apart from this, Yokohama Cosmoworld offers many attractions for children and some of them are self-operated. Thrill seekers aren’t forgotten, though. The park has a few spinning flat rides (be sure to check the enormous Enterprise), an airtime-filled log flume and Vanish is pretty intense as well.


This is one of those typical Japanese credit parks. In other words: it’s well worth a visit if you’ve got time to spare, but I wouldn’t consider it as a must do. There’s no need to skip a day at Tokyo DisneySea in favour of Yokohama Cosmoworld, if you know what I mean…


Do you think that Vanish is an unmissable credit in Japan? Have you ridden this legendary coaster yet? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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