Zator, Poland

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

“One of the most bizarre places I’ve ever seen”

Welcome to Zatorland, a leisure destination within a 5-minute drive from the well-known Energylandia. While roller coaster enthusiasts from all over the world find their way to Energylandia, the nearby Zatorland is often forgotten. That’s a bit strange, as Zatorland is cheaper and it offers not less than four different theme parks. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it?


Our main reason for coming to Zatorland is a small-sized credit called Dinocoaster. The fact that this dinosaur-themed coaster’s train actually looks like a dragon doesn’t bother me. The fact that it’s just a simple funfair roller coaster, is a shame, though. I sincerely hope that the coasters at Energylandia are more spectacular. By the way: Dinocoaster can be found at Luna Park, where all of Zatorland’s classic amusement park rides are located. It includes a 3D theatre, a small Ferris wheel and quite a few carousels. I’m especially intrigued by Dumbo’s Polish cousins.


Luna Park is only one of the resort’s four theme parks. Just a few steps further, we discover Park Owadów, which translates to Park of Insects.Imagine some of the most hated and annoying insects you know. Next, imagine them a lot bigger and more frightening. Well, that’s exactly what the Park of Insects is all about. I don’t like these guys in their small versions. Needless to say… these enlarged creatures aren’t exactly my best friends either. However, this giant wasp did let me finish my bottle of Coke without interrupting. That’s a first.


Third park on today’s list: the Park of Dinosaurs. It consists of more than 100 dinosaur audio-animatronics. Some of them are pretty realistic, others are simply hilarious. The Park of Dinosaurs also offers a museum full of fossils. It looks a bit outdated, but dinosaurs are outdated as well. So I guess it’s fine? Anyway… the dinosaur theme park is enjoyable. The place is surprisingly large, well kept and you get a ton of fun selfie opportunities. If you’re visiting with young (dino-loving) children, you’ll probably spend quite some time here.


The fourth and last theme park lies a bit further and it’s called the Park of Mythology. This place is dedicated to Greek legends and it’s set at the shores of a beautiful lake. Sounds promising, right? Unfortunately, the Park of Mythology isn’t the most… well… mythical place on Earth. It’s some kind of fairy tale forest like the one at Efteling, but it didn’t get as much care. The result is a rather tacky place which doesn’t feel like it belongs in 2018. That’s why the park’s most popular feature is the children’s playground and a rope course, which clearly have nothing to do with Greek mythology.


This was my first ever visit to Zatorland and it will probably be the last one. Unless they decide to add an enormous roller coaster, there’s not a single reason to come back. At the moment, I guess Zatorland isn’t considering a B&M Flying or Mack Mega Coaster, so I’m saying farewell to the oddest theme park resort I’ve visited in 2018.






Would you consider visiting Zatorland? What would be your favourite ‘theme park’ at Zatorland? Or would you prefer to drive straight to Energylandia? Share your thoughts in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

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