Luna Park Melbourne

Luna Park Melbourne

St Kilda, Victoria, Australia

Rating: 3 out of 5.

“Classic coaster fun at the seashore”

Luna Park is located in St Kilda, a seaside area close to Melbourne. The park is smaller than Luna Park Sydney, but it evokes a similar, old-fashioned atmosphere. The most striking element of Luna Park Melbourne is its entrance, which is designed as a creepy, human-eating face. This also reminds me of Luna Park Sydney, but this version is even scarier. It’s quite photogenic, though.


The park is home to Scenic Railway, one of the oldest operating roller coasters on Earth. The ride opened in 1912, so it’s already running for more than a century! As you might expect, Scenic Railway isn’t the most thrilling or smoothest coaster. However, this unique ride is a must do for every coaster enthusiast. Those antique trains look amazing, the layout (which makes a circle tour around the park) is good and this is one of the few remaining roller coasters with a brake man. Needless to say… I enjoyed every second of this ride.


Luna Park Melbourne has more to offer than just an old roller coaster. The park is actually home to many vintage rides. It features classic flat rides, a stunning carousel, an old-fashioned Haunted House and many rides for children. If you’re interested in riding classic rides, a visit to Luna Park shouldn’t be missed if you ever visit Melbourne.


Did you ever ride Scenic Railway? Do you prefer classic amusement parks over modern coaster parks? And don’t you think that Luna Park has the creepiest-looking entrance of any theme park? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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