Parc du Bocasse

Parc du Bocasse

Le Bocasse, France

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

“Surprisingly cosy amusement park with elaborate theming”

France has hundreds of tiny villages and one of them is Le Bocasse. This commune in Normandy has only 700 inhabitants, but it’s visited by thousands of tourists daily during the summer season. Most of them are here for Parc du Bocasse, a regional amusement park. The park is divided in two separate sections, which are linked by a bridge. This is rather unusual, but it was necessary to accommodate the most recent park expansions.


Four roller coasters are currently operating at Parc du Bocasse. Gonzales and Pirate’s Coaster are solely aimed at younger children, but we obviously also rode them because of the credit. Jurassic Twister is considerably larger, but it’s not that special either. This is a standard spinning coaster model manufactured by Zamperla. It turned out to be smoother than we expected, though.

Luckily, the fourth and last coaster is a quite surprising one. Fort d’Odin is a family coaster built by French manufacturer Soquet, which isn’t exactly known for its high-quality rides. Fort d’Odin, however, is smooth and it picked up more speed than I thought it would. To make things even better, Parc du Bocasse recently added loads of theming to the ride. This used to be a simple coaster on a stretch of grass, but it has become an impressive viking-themed coaster. Undoubtedly the best ride at Parc du Bocasse.


The most unusual attraction at Parc du Bocasse is Symphonie Aquatique. This is a 15-minute show with fountains, lasers and classical music, just like the ones that used to be at Efteling and Meli-Park (nowadays Plopsaland De Panne). Those parks removed their versions of the show because it didn’t really meet the general public’s current expectations, but crowds at Parc du Bocasse still seem to enjoy it. Pure nostalgia.

Another eye-catching ride is called Splash-O-Saure. This log flume has a vertical elevator and it was elaborately themed to dinosaurs. And yes, I know that every theme park seems to be building a dinosaur-themed ride nowadays. Still, Parc du Bocasse did a great job and the long queues prove that it’s a crowd-pleaser. In 2021, the dinosaur area was expanded with a new Vekoma family coaster.


Parc du Bocasse shouldn’t be on top of your to do list. The park is mainly aimed at families with young children, so thrill seekers will be done in a few hours. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the park’s friendly atmosphere and it’s well maintained. I wouldn’t recommend driving a long way to get here, but it’s a great place to combine with other theme parks or local sights. We managed to visit Parc Saint Paul and Parc du Bocasse in one day without rushing.

Parc du Bocasse

Photo Gallery 2020

Do you consider yourself a credit hunter who’d just come here for the coasters? Or would you rather enjoy the park’s atmosphere? Share your thoughts in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

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