Mystic Mountain Halong

Mystic Mountain

Ha Long City, Vietnam

Rating: 3 out of 5.

“Photogenic theme park at the shores of the legendary Ha Long Bay”

Greetings from Ha Long City. This is the gateway to Ha Long Bay, a world-famous sight with stunning views. The area doesn’t only attract visitors who are searching for natural beauty and luxury cruises, though. It’s also a must do for theme park enthusiasts. Mystic Mountain is part of Sun World Halong Complex, one of the largest theme park resorts in Vietnam. The resort is home to a retail area, a water park, Dragon Park Halong and Mystic Mountain.


Mystic Mountain could be described as an Instagram park. I know that this may sound a little strange, but the park is mainly focused on photogenic locations and incredible views. Many Asian visitors are addicted to social media, which enabled this park to get more popular than the nearby Dragon Park. Mystic Mountain is also considerably more expensive than Dragon Park: a ticket for Mystic Mountain costs 350,000 dong, approximately 13 euros. Fortunately, this rate includes round-trip transportation with the resort’s incredible cable car.


Dragon Park and Mystic Mountain are part of the same resort, but they’re not located right next to each other. Between these parks you’ll find a large bay. Transport between both parks is provided by the Queen Cable Car, which is simply enormous. It’s actually so gigantic that Sun World Halong Complex prefers to describe it as an air tram. Each of the ride’s cabins are large enough to accommodate 230 people and one of the pillars has a total height of 190 metres. These figures were good for two world records. And believe me: views from the Queen Cable Car are also extremely impressive. Be sure to take a look at Dragon Park’s stunning B&M roller coaster and Ha Long Bay’s incredible mountain ranges. The park also features the Sun Wheel, a 115 metres’ tall Ferris wheel. So if you’re looking for views, this place has everything you need.


According to the Roller Coaster Database, Mystic Mountain features two credits. However, these both credits are Alpine Coasters built by German manufacturer Wiegand. You may recognise these rides if you’ve ever visited Pigeon Forge, Fort Fun or Bellewaerde. They’re fun, but I wouldn’t describe them as full-option roller coasters. Besides, Mystic Mountain’s Samurai Slides are rather short and speeds are limited. Be sure to ride these Alpine Coasters as early or late as possible, as capacity is very low. Operators only allow one vehicle on the track at a time, which results in a throughput of approximately 40 riders per hour.


In all honesty, I found Mystic Mountain rather underwhelming. For coaster enthusiasts, the park is considerably less interesting than nearby Dragon Park. Although I enjoyed my rides on Queen Cable Car and the Ferris wheel, it just doesn’t feel complete. In my opinion, Mystic Mountain lacks some attractions and rides. So if you only have time to visit one of the resort’s theme parks, I’d definitely recommend Dragon Park. Still, Mystic Mountain is a beautiful place. The Japanese garden is wonderful and thanks to the park’s location on top of a hill, incredible views are guaranteed.


Would you be interested in visiting an Instagram theme park? Are you an Alpine Coaster lover? And don’t you think that air tram sounds a lot cooler than cable car? Share your opinion in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

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