Disney Quiz

These are 70 questions about Disney Parks, Resorts & Destinations across the globe. The right answers can be found at the bottom of the page.


1. On February 25th 2020, Bob Iger announced to step down as CEO of The Walt Disney Company. And although Iger is once again trying to get Disney through these challenging times, who replaced him as CEO?

  • A) Bob Chapek
  • B) Bob Weiss
  • C) Michael Eisner
  • D) Philippe Gas

2. Which park in this list doesn’t feature an interactive dark ride themed to the Toy Story franchise?

  • A) Disney California Adventure Park
  • B) Shanghai Disneyland Park
  • C) Tokyo DisneySea
  • D) Walt Disney Studios Park

3. Disney Cruise Line has become an important part of The Walt Disney Company. When did the first cruise on a Disney ship happen?

  • A) 1992
  • B) 1994
  • C) 1996
  • D) 1998

4. Which ship isn’t part of Disney Cruise Line’s current fleet?

  • A) Disney Magic
  • B) Disney Celebration
  • C) Disney Wonder
  • D) Disney Fantasy

5. Castaway Cay is one of Disney Cruise Line’s unique selling points. What was the island’s original name, before Disney arrived?

  • A) Castaway Cay
  • B) Cistern Cay
  • C) Gorda Cay
  • D) Moore’s Island

6. Aulani isn’t known as a cheap holiday destination. I searched for a standard view room for 1 night on Tuesday January 12th, 2021 (2 adults, no children). What would be the total price for this short holiday? (before tax)

  • A) less than 200 USD
  • B) between 200 USD and 350 USD
  • C) between 350 USD and 500 USD
  • D) more than 500 USD

7. Which dining location can’t be found at the Hawaiian Disney resort Aulani?

  • A) ‘AMA’AMA
  • B) Kona Café
  • C) Makahaki
  • D) Ulu Café

8. Which nighttime spectacular has the longest duration in minutes? (I used the standard shows for reference: if there’s a Halloween/Christmas remake, these versions should be ignored. Duration is measured from the time general lighting is switched off until those lights are turned on again)

  • A) Disney Illuminations (Disneyland Park, Paris)
  • B) Epcot Forever (Epcot)
  • C) Ignite The Dream (Shanghai Disneyland Park)
  • D) World of Color (Disney California Adventure Park)

9. Which Magic Kingdom-style park is home to all of these rides? Winnie the Pooh dark ride // Pirates of the Caribbean // PhilharMagic // Big Thunder Mountain

  • A) Disneyland Park (Paris)
  • B) Hong Kong Disneyland
  • C) Tokyo Disneyland
  • D) Disneyland (Anaheim)

10. What was the least visited Disney theme park in 2018? (source: TEA annual attendance list 2018)

  • A) Disney’s Hollywood Studios (Florida)
  • B) Hong Kong Disneyland (Hong Kong)
  • C) Shanghai Disneyland Park (China)
  • D) Walt Disney Studios Park (France)


11. One of the most important years in Disneyland history is 1959. Which ride wasn’t part of the major expansion which was presented on June 14th, 1959?

  • A) Alice in Wonderland
  • B) Disneyland Monorail System
  • C) Matterhorn Bobsleds
  • D) Submarine Voyage

12. Imagineer Tony Baxter based the Californian version of ‘Big Thunder Mountain Railroad’ on a famous US National Park. Which National Park?

  • A) Bryce Canyon, Utah
  • B) Grand Canyon, Arizona
  • C) Monument Valley, Arizona
  • D) Zion National Park, Utah

13. What’s the name of the big ship which is used during the pirate scene at Disneyland Anaheim’s version of Fantasmic?

  • A) Jolly Roger
  • B) Mark Twain Riverboat
  • C) Sailing Ship Columbia
  • D) Steamboat Willie

14. Do you feel rich? Then be sure to spend 199 USD on a custom-made lightsaber at Disneyland’s ‘Star Wars – Galaxy’s Edge’. What’s the name of this workshop?

  • A) Mubo’s Workshop
  • B) Oga’s Workshop
  • C) Ronto’s Workshop
  • D) Savi’s Workshop

15. What’s the name of the cocktail bar and lounge that’s located next to the pool at Disneyland Hotel?

  • A) Tahitian Terrace
  • B) Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar
  • C) Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto
  • D) Tropical Hideaway

16. YouTube is full of hilarious audio-animatronic malfunctions at Disney theme parks. One of the most memorable animatronic malfunctions happened in ‘The Little Mermaid – Ariel’s Undersea Adventure’ on January 28th, 2018. What went wrong?

  • A) A spiral-shaped school of fish crashed down on the floor of the ‘Under The Sea’ scene
  • B) Ariel lost her hair in the ‘Part of your World’ scene
  • C) Ursula lost her head in the ‘Poor Unfortunate Souls’ scene.
  • D) Sebastian was crushed by a collapsed decoration element in the ‘Under The Sea’ scene.

17. Which parade hasn’t performed at Disneyland?

  • A) Magic Happens
  • B) Mickey’s Soundsational Parade
  • C) Mickey’s Storybook Express
  • D) Pixar Play Parade

18. What was the opening year of Disneyland’s version of ‘Splash Mountain’?

  • A) 1985
  • B) 1989
  • C) 1991
  • D) 1992

19. ‘Monsters Inc. Mike & Sulley to the Rescue’ opened in 2006 at Disney California Adventure Park. It replaced one of the shortest-lived attractions in Disney history. What’s the name of that ride?

  • A) Golden Dreams
  • B) Mad T Party
  • C) Muppet Vision 3D
  • D) Superstar Limo

20. Which Californian destination wasn’t featured in the original version of Soarin’?

  • A) Disneyland Resort
  • B) Joshua Tree National Park
  • C) Malibi Beach
  • D) Yosemite National Park


21. What wasn’t an opening day attraction at Magic Kingdom?

  • A) It’s a Small World
  • B) The Haunted Mansion
  • C) Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover
  • D) Tomorrowland Speedway

22. Which hotel wasn’t inaugurated during the opening year of the Walt Disney World Resort?

  • A) Contemporary
  • B) Fort Wilderness
  • C) Grand Floridian
  • D) Polynesian

23. Which hotel at Walt Disney World counts as a ‘Moderate Resort’?

  • A) Disney’s Art of Animation Resort
  • B) Disney’s Boardwalk Resort
  • C) Disney’s Old Key West Resort
  • D) Disney’s Port Orleans – French Quarter

24. Orlando can get quite hot, but Kali River Rapids offers a great way to cool down. What’s the name of this raging river, according to the ride’s background story?

  • A) Anandapur River
  • B) Chakranadi River
  • C) Maharajah River
  • D) Serka Zong River

25. Nowadays, the Mexican Pavillion at Epcot’s World Showcase is home to ‘Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros’. The ride was inaugurated in 2007 and it replaced another boat ride. What was the name of that dark ride, which was an opening day attraction at EPCOT?

  • A) El Rio del Tiempo
  • B) Rio Grande Adventure
  • C) Tacaná River
  • D) The Three Cultures of Mexico

26. Which company manufactured Slinky Dog Dash at Disney’s Hollywood Studios?

  • A) Mack Rides
  • B) Intamin
  • C) Vekoma
  • D) Zierer

27. Which Walt Disney World theme park doesn’t feature different Fastpass+ tiers?

  • A) Disney’s Animal Kingdom
  • B) Disney’s Hollywood Studios
  • C) Epcot
  • D) Magic Kingdom

28. What’s the name of the iconic water parade which can be seen on the Seven Seas Lagoon around 9 PM?

  • A) Candlelight Procession
  • B) Electric Water Pageant
  • C) Mickey’s Whimsical Cavalcade
  • D) Rivers of Light

29. Which water slide can’t be found at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon?

  • A) Crush ‘n’ Gusher
  • B) Humunga Kowabunga
  • C) Miss Adventure Falls
  • D) TapuTapu

30. This photo was taken at…


  • A) Disney’s Animal Kingdom
  • B) Disney’s Hollywood Studios
  • C) Epcot
  • D) Magic Kingdom


31. What’s the name of Tokyo Disneyland’s weatherproof Main Street?

  • A) Fantasy Avenue
  • B) Main Street USA
  • C) Mickey Avenue
  • D) World Bazaar

32. Which Disney Resort Liner station does not exist?

  • A) Bayside Station
  • B) Ikspiari Station
  • C) Resort Gateway Station
  • D) Tokyo Disneyland Station

33. What’s the name of the restaurant inside ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ at Tokyo Disneyland?

  • A) Blue Bayou
  • B) Blue Lagoon
  • C) Gumbo Palace
  • D) New Orleans

34. What is meant by ‘Priority Seating’ at Tokyo Disney Resort?

  • A) FastPass service for shows and entertainment
  • B) Lottery system for popular stage shows
  • C) Paid FastPass service for rides
  • D) Restaurant reservations

35. What’s the name of a new flat ride that should be opening soon at Tokyo Disneyland?

  • A) Big Hero 6 Swirling Saucers
  • B) Big Hero 6 – Galactic Spin
  • C) Hiro Hamada’s Happy Ride
  • D) The Happy Ride With Baymax

36. What’s the official name of this ride?


  • A) DisneySea Electric Tram
  • B) DisneySea Electric Railway
  • C) DisneySea Elevated Tramway System
  • D) DisneySea Transit Steamer Line

37. What’s the name of the fictional museum in which ‘Soaring: Fantastic Flight’ is integrated?

  • A) Camellia Falco Museum
  • B) Mediterranean Aviation Museum
  • C) Museum of Fantastic Flight
  • D) Museum of Explorers and Adventurers

38. What’s the name of Tomorrowland’s semi-outdoor theatre, which was home to the extremely popular ‘One Man’s Dream II’ until December 2019?

  • A) Showbase
  • B) Tomorrowland Amphitheater
  • C) Theater of Tomorrow
  • D) Videopolis

39. Which ride at Tokyo Disney Resort doesn’t have a regular FastPass option?

  • A) Big Thunder Mountain
  • B) Monsters Inc. Ride & Go Seek!
  • C) Nemo & Friends SeaRider
  • D) Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin

40. Tokyo DisneySea is currently working on a new themed land called Fantasy Springs. Which animated movie won’t be a part of this addition, which is scheduled to open in 2023?

  • A) Frozen
  • B) Peter Pan
  • C) Moana
  • D) Tangled


41. Which covered walkway is located on the left-hand side of Main Street USA? (assuming you’re standing in Main Street USA, looking at Sleeping Beauty Castle)

  • A) Discovery Arcade
  • B) Emporium Arcade
  • C) Exploration Arcade
  • D) Liberty Arcade

42. Talking about parades and nighttime entertainment… which parade has never performed at Disneyland Park in Paris?

  • A) Disney’s ImagiNations Parade
  • B) Disney’s Fantillusion
  • C) Walt Disney’s Parade of Dreams
  • D) Main Street Electrical Parade

43. Which Disney animated movie is not featured in Walt Disney Studios’ signature stage show ‘Mickey and the Magician’?

  • A) Aladdin
  • B) Cinderella
  • C) Frozen
  • D) Tangled

44. Where can you find this detail?


  • A) Adventureland entrance
  • B) Flying Carpets over Agrabah backdrop
  • C) Pocahontas Indian Village
  • D) Rainforest Cafe facade

45. Which isn’t an official Disney hotel at Disneyland Paris?

  • A) Disney’s Explorers Hotel
  • B) Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe
  • C) Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne
  • D) Disney’s Sequoia Lodge

46. Which composer was responsible for Phantom Manor’s unique soundtrack?

  • A) Alan Menken
  • B) John Debney
  • C) Steve Bramson
  • D) Vincent Price

47. Which restaurant can’t be found at Disneyland Paris’ Frontierland?

  • A) Fuente del Oro
  • B) Silver Spur Steakhouse
  • C) The Diamond Horseshoe
  • D) Lucky Nugget Saloon

48. What was the name of the (fictional) recording studio you entered for a ride on ‘Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith’ at Walt Disney Studios Park?

  • A) 2FAST4U Records
  • B) G-Force Records
  • C) Steven Tyler Studios
  • D) Tour de Force Records

49. Timing is often incorrect, but which sentence is supposed to be heard right before climbing Crush’s Coaster’s lift hill?

  • A) “Just keep swimming… just keep swimming.”
  • B) “Fish are friends, not food”
  • C) “Mine mine mine!”
  • D) “P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney”

50. Who provided the English narration of ‘Studio Tram Tour: Behind The Magic’ at Walt Disney Studios Park?

  • A) Irène Jacob
  • B) Jeremy Irons
  • C) Robin Williams
  • D) Zachary Levi


51. What’s the name of the island on which Hong Kong Disneyland Resort is located?

  • A) Hong Kong Island
  • B) Kowloon
  • C) Lantau
  • D) New Territories

52. Hong Kong Disneyland can easily be reached by MTR. What’s the name of the interchange station where the ‘Tung Chung Line’ and the ‘Disneyland Resort Line’ meet?

  • A) Discovery Bay
  • B) Inspiration Lake Station
  • C) Resort Gateway Station
  • D) Sunny Bay

53. Hong Kong Disneyland is currently expanding its fairy tale castle in the centre of the park. What was the name of the original castle, which was the park’s centerpiece between 2005 and 2018?

  • A) Castle of Magical Dreams
  • B) Cinderella Castle
  • C) Enchanted Storybook Castle
  • D) Sleeping Beauty Castle

54. What’s the main colour of Hyperspace Mountain’s trains at Hong Kong Disneyland?

  • A) green
  • B) purple
  • C) red
  • D) green

55. Entertainment is one of Hong Kong Disneyland’s biggest strengths. ‘Mickey and the Wondrous Book’ even counts as one of the best stage shows I’ve ever seen in a theme park. In a particular scene, 3 well-known Disney princesses perform a medley together. Which princess isn’t part of this magical… uhm… threesome?

  • A) Ariel
  • B) Elsa
  • C) Merida
  • D) Rapunzel

56. Which scene is not a part of ‘Mystic Manor’?

  • A) Botanicum
  • B) Mediterranean Antiquities
  • C) Solarium
  • D) Tribal Arts

57. ‘Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars’ is one of the world’s best roller coasters when it comes to storytelling. At the top of the first lift hill, an animatronic grizzly bear accidentally sends riders towards a wrong tunnel. What’s the name of this dangerous mine shaft?

  • A) shaft n°4
  • B) shaft n°8
  • C) shaft n°9
  • D) shaft n°13

58. Hong Kong Disneyland is home to the ‘Flights of Fantasy Parade’. The parade’s soundtrack may sound familiar to those who have visited the American resorts. Which parade in the USA uses/used the same melody?

  • A) Disney Paint The Night Parade
  • B) Festival of Fantasy Parade
  • C) Main Street Electrical Parade
  • D) Mickey’s Soundsational Parade

59. Which attraction can’t be found at Hong Kong Disneyland’s version of Fantasyland?

  • A) Cinderella Carousel
  • B) Fairy Tale Forest
  • C) It’s a Small World
  • D) Pinocchio’s Daring Journey

60. The newest Marvel ride at Hong Kong Disneyland is called ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp: Nano Battle’. It replaced another Tomorrowland classic. Which one?

  • A) Autopia
  • B) Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters
  • C) Star Wars Jedi Training
  • D) Stitch Encounter


61. What was the official opening date of Shanghai Disneyland Park?

  • A) April 12th, 2016
  • B) June 16th, 2016
  • C) July 17th, 2017
  • D) October 1st, 2017

62. What’s the name of the big lake located between Shanghai Disneyland Park and the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel?

  • A) Disneytown Lake
  • B) Inspiration Lake
  • C) Starlight Lake
  • D) Wishing Star Lake

63. What’s the name of this ride?


  • A) Bullseye’s Jamboree
  • B) Jessie’s Western Bash
  • C) Rex’s Racers
  • D) Woody’s Roundup

64. How many Jack Sparrow audio-animatronics can be seen during a ride on ‘Pirates of the Caribbean – Battle for the Sunken Treasure’?

  • A) 0
  • B) 1
  • C) 2
  • D) 3

65. Which ride isn’t located in the Adventure Isle area?

  • A) Camp Discovery Challenge Trails
  • B) Pirates of the Caribbean – Battle for the Sunken Treasure
  • C) Roaring Rapids
  • D) Soaring Over The Horizon

66. What is ‘Once Upon a Time Adventure’?

  • A) Boat ride in Fantasyland
  • B) Daytime show in front of the Enchanted Storybook Castle
  • C) Fireworks spectacular
  • D) Walk-through attraction inside the Enchanted Storybook Castle

67. What’s the name of the enormous crocodile-like monster you encounter during a ride on ‘Roaring Rapids’?

  • A) Anzû
  • B) Jörmungandr
  • C) Jué Yuán
  • D) Q’aráq

68. Which show can’t be seen at Shanghai Disneyland?

  • A) Eye of the Storm: Captain Jack’s Stunt Spectacular
  • B) Frozen: A Sing-Along Celebration
  • C) Golden Fairytale Fanfare
  • D) The Golden Mickeys

69. Very few coasters on this planet create an unforgettable experience like ‘TRON Lightcycle Power Run’ does. A huge part of the attraction’s great atmosphere is created through the ride’s soundtrack. Who composed the music for ‘Tron: Legacy’ and this attraction?

  • A) Aerosmith
  • B) Daft Punk
  • C) Hans Zimmer
  • D) Harry Gregson-Williams

70. The final question of this quiz just needs an image of Mickey Mouse… In which area of Shanghai Disney Resort can you find this detail?

  • A) Adventure Isle
  • B) Disneytown
  • C) Fantasyland
  • D) Treasure Cove


The answers!


  • 1 // A // The one and only Bob Chapek!
  • 2 // D // Disney California Adventure and DisneySea have ‘Toy Story Mania’, Shanghai Disneyland is home to ‘Buzz Lightyear Planet Rescue’. Walt Disney Studios has a Toy Story-themed land, but it doesn’t feature a dark ride.
  • 3 // D // The Disney Magic was originally scheduled to make its first voyage in March of the year 1998, but it was postponed to July of the same year.
  • 4 // B // Searching for a name for the upcoming ships, Disney? What can I say except you’re welcome.
  • 5 // C // The Walt Disney Company is leasing Gorda Cay from the Bahamian government. Cistern Cay and Moore’s Island can be found nearby.
  • 6 // D // My total rate was 524 USD before tax. That’s more than 600 USD after taxes for one night in a fancy hotel. That’s enough to buy a return airline ticket to ANY Disney resort on the planet…
  • 7 // B // Kona Café is a restaurant at Walt Disney World’s Polynesian Resort.
  • 8 // D // ‘Disney Illuminations’ lasts 19 minutes and 20 seconds. ‘Epcot Forever’ lasts 11 minutes and 30 seconds. ‘Ignite the Dream’ lasts 21 minutes. ‘World of Color’ lasts approximately 25 minutes.
  • 9 // C // Disneyland Park (Paris) has no Winnie the Pooh dark ride. Hong Kong Disneyland lacks ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and ‘Big Thunder Mountain’. Disneyland (Anaheim) doesn’t feature ‘PhilharMagic’.
  • 10 // D // Shanghai Disneyland Park = 11.800.000, Disney’s Hollywood Studios = 11.258.000, Hong Kong Disneyland = 6.700.000, Walt Disney Studios Park = 5.298.000

Disneyland Resort

  • 11 // A // The ‘Alice in Wonderland’ dark ride opened exactly one year earlier, on June 14th, 1958.
  • 12 // A // Whereas the Florida version was based on Monument Valley, the Anaheim version was based on the ‘visually more playful’ Bryce Canyon National Park. (source: ‘The Disney Mountains – Imagineering at Its Peak’)
  • 13 // C // Fantasmic makes use of ‘Sailing Ship Columbia’ during the pirate scene and the ‘Mark Twain Riverboat’ can be seen during the finale of the show.
  • 14 // D // Although all of the mentioned characters can be found at Galaxy’s Edge, ‘Savi’s Workshop’ is the only correct address if you’d like to create a handbuilt lightsaber.
  • 15 // B // ‘Tahitian Terrace’ was a former restaurant at Disneyland Anaheim and it can still be found at Hong Kong Disneyland. ‘Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto’ is a cocktail bar at WDW’s Polynesian Resort. ‘Tropical Hideway’ is a recently opened F&B venue at Adventureland, Disneyland.
  • 16 // C // Although her head was still fixed to her body with electronic wires, it sure was an unforgettable sight…
  • 17 // C // ‘Magic Happens’ is the current parade at Disneyland and it replaced ‘Mickey’s SoundSational Parade’. ‘Pixar Play Parade’ ran at Disneyland in 2018 and 2019. ‘Mickey’s Storybook Express’ can be seen at Shanghai Disneyland Park.
  • 18 // B // Disneyland Anaheim opened the first version of ‘Splash Mountain’ in 1989. The versions in Florida and Japan followed in 1992.
  • 19 // D // ‘Superstar Limo’ was considered as one of the cheapest-looking, stereotypical dark rides ever created. Besides, the paparazzi chase story line got criticized because of Princess Diana’s death.
  • 20 // B // Am I the only one who’s humming the Soarin’ soundtrack right now?

Walt Disney World Resort

  • 21 // C // ‘It’s a Small World’, ‘The Haunted Mansion’ and ‘Tomorrowland Speedway’ opened together with the Magic Kingdom on October 1st, 1971. ‘PeopleMover’ opened in 1975, just a few months after the official opening of ‘Space Mountain’.
  • 22 // C // Contemporary and Polynesian opened together with Magic Kingdom on October 1st, 1971. Fort Wilderness opened just one and a half months later. Grand Floridian didn’t open until 1988.
  • 23 // D // ‘Art of Animation’ is a Value Resort, ‘Old Key West’ is categorized as Deluxe Villas and ‘Boardwalk Inn’ counts as a Deluxe Resort. (source: disneyworld.eu)
  • 24 // B // ‘Anandapur’ is the name of the fictional kingdom which is home to the Asian themed land in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. ‘Serka Zong’ is the name of the village at the base of Expedition Everest. ‘Maharajah Jungle Trek’ is one of the park’s animal exhibits.
  • 25 // A // ‘El Rio del Tiempo’ is the correct answer. ‘The Three Cultures of Mexico’ was one of the proposed names for the ride, the other two names were just invented by… me.
  • 26 // A // Walt Disney Imagineering probably chose Mack Rides because they’re well-known for their powerful launches… not.
  • 27 // D // Magic Kingdom is the only theme park in which every ride has the same Fastpass+ value. But hey… we all know that a ‘Seven Dwarfs Mine Train’ Fastpass is considerably cooler than a ‘Magic Carpets’ Fastpass.
  • 28 // B // It’s electrical… it’s in the water… it’s a pageant…
  • 29 // D // ‘TapuTapu’ is the name of the virtual queueing device at Universal’s Volcano Bay water park.
  • 30 // A // This is the hood of a Time Rover in DINOSAUR, Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Tokyo Disney Resort

  • 31 // D // World Bazaar is rather unique. It has a giant roof and there’s no train station at the entrance of the park.
  • 32 // B // Although there is a Disney Resort Liner station at Ikspiari (some kind of local version of Downdown Disney), it is called ‘Resort Gateway Station’.
  • 33 // A // The name doesn’t differ from the original version at Disneyland Anaheim.
  • 34 // D // The Tokyo Disney Resort website says the following: “Priority Seating is a system for booking a dining time at certain restaurants. With a Priority Seating time, you can be seated with a minimal wait after you arrive at the restaurant.”
  • 35 // D // This ride will be similar to ‘Alien Swirling Saucers’ and ‘Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree’, but in a very Japanese theme…
  • 36 // B // ‘DisneySea Transit Steamer Line’ is a boat ride which travels through the entire park, but this is the ‘DisneySea Electric Railway’. It travels between American Waterfront and Port Discovery.
  • 37 // C // ‘Museum of Fantastic Flight’ may not be the most original name, but it tells the story nonetheless. Camellia Falco (a SEA member) plays an important role in the ride’s background story.
  • 38 // A // Definitely not the most beautiful Disney theatre, but the Japanese don’t seem to care. It’s always filled to the brim.
  • 39 // D // Unlike the version at Disneyland Anaheim, the Japanese ‘Car Toon Spin’ doesn’t feature FastPass.
  • 40 // C // Fantasy Springs will be located between Lost River Delta and Disney’s partner hotels at Bayside Station. It will include sections about Frozen, Peter Pan and Tangled.

Disneyland Paris

  • 41 // D // ‘Liberty Arcade’ is located on the side of Emporium and this covered walkway is dedicated to the Statue of Liberty. ‘Discovery Arcade’ is located on the other side of Main Street USA. These covered walkways are ideal ways to escape the weather or the crowds during parades and nighttime entertainment.
  • 42 // C // ‘Disney ImagiNation Parade’ ran from 1999 until 2001, ‘Fantillusion’ from 2003 until 2012 and ‘Main Street Electrical Parade’ ran in Paris from 1992 until 2003. ‘Walt Disney’s Parade of Dreams’ ran at Disneyland Anaheim.
  • 43 // D // The big scenes feature Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Aladdin and Frozen.
  • 44 // A // This is the arch at the entrance of Adventureland, near Central Plaza.
  • 45 // A // ‘Disney’s Explorers Hotel’ is one of Disneyland Paris’ partner hotels in an area called Val De France.
  • 46 // B // Steve Bramson was responsible for the ‘Space Mountain – From the Earth to the Moon’ soundtrack. Vincent Price recorded the original English narration for ‘Phantom Manor’. And I probably shouldn’t introduce Alan Menken…
  • 47 // C // ‘The Diamond Horseshoe’ can be found at Walt Disney World and Tokyo Disneyland.
  • 48 // D // ‘G-Force Records’ is the name used at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.
  • 49 // B // The lift hill is integrated in an old submarine which is attacked by a furious Bruce.
  • 50 // B // Jeremy Irons was also responsible for Scar’s voice in The Lion King. Irène Jacob was responsible for the French narration in ‘Studio Tram Tour’. By the way… I’m not missing this ride.

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

  • 51 // C // Lantau Island is an important part of Hong Kong since it’s also home to Hong Kong International Airport.
  • 52 // D // Sunny Bay lies on the Tung Chung Line (which connects the airport area to the city centre of Hong Kong) and it functions as an important gateway to Hong Kong Disneyland Resort.
  • 53 // D // ‘Sleeping Beauty Castle’ was a nearly identical copy of the castle in Disneyland Anaheim. ‘Cinderella Castle’ can be found in Florida and Japan, while the ‘Enchanted Storybook Castle’ is a highlight at Shanghai Disneyland. ‘Castle of Magical Dreams’ is the new name for Hong Kong Disneyland’s centerpiece.
  • 54 // B // Not my favourite colour, but it’s undoubtedly a great roller coaster!
  • 55 // B // Elsa got her own scene towards the end of the show.
  • 56 // A // ‘Botanicum’ is the name of a scene in ‘Symbolica’, an Efteling ride which was clearly inspired by Mystic Manor.
  • 57 // A // The number 4 implies bad luck in Chinese culture.
  • 58 // D // It’s a music celebration = It’s a sky high celebration
  • 59 // D // Pinocchio’s nose would definitely grow if he told you that he owns a dark ride at Hong Kong Disneyland.
  • 60 // B // The Ant-Man ride even recycles the transportation system which used to belong to Buzz Lightyear.

Shanghai Disneyland Resort

  • 61 // B // Those other dates may look familiar…
  • 62 // D // ‘Wishing Star Lake’ is part of the huge ‘Wishing Star Park’. Complimentary water taxis travel between the park and the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel for registered hotel guests. ‘Inspiration Lake’ can be found at Hong Kong Disneyland.
  • 63 // D // It’s a fun ride to watch, but Toy Story Land remains a rather underwhelming land for a Magic Kingdom-style park.
  • 64 // C // There’s one Jack Sparrow animatronic (with a very cool special effect!) at the beginning of the ride and one can be seen after the drop. All the other Jacks are projected on screens.
  • 65 // B // The Shanghai version of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ can be found in an area called Treasure Cove.
  • 66 // D // ‘Once Upon a Time Adventure’ is a walk-through based on Disney’s classic movie ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’. It’s currently closed due to safety measures.
  • 67 // D // One hell of an audio-animatronic… And best of all: it actually moves, so we shouldn’t call it Disco Q’aráq (yet).
  • 68 // D // ‘The Golden Mickeys’ was designed for the Disney Cruise Line and it played at Hong Kong Disneyland until 2015.
  • 69 // B // Whenever I’m in desperate need of a ride on TRON, I turn on Daft Punk’s amazing soundtrack.
  • 70 // D // You’ll find this (not so hidden) Mickey near the entrance of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’.
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