Theme Park Generations Quiz

Hey there! Welcome to the Theme Park Generations Quiz. This quiz will take you on a journey through theme park history in 65 questions. We will start in the year 1960 and we’ll travel all the way to the (near) future. Each year will represent one question. Good luck and have fun, everyone!


ROUND 1 // SIXTIES // 1960

1) In 1960, a Wild Mouse opened in an amusement park in Myrtle Beach. A Wild Mouse isn’t special, but the name of that theme park was rather unusual. What’s the park I’m talking about?

  • A) Cripple Critters Park
  • B) Gay Dolphin Park
  • C) I Don’t Believe You Park
  • D) Myrtle Bitch Park

2) In 1961, a well-known Japanese theme park opened its gates. The park had copies of Main Street USA, Sleeping Beauty Castle and one of the roller coasters was literally inspired by Matterhorn Bobsleds. What was the name of this park, which closed forever in 2006?

  • A) Hirakata Park
  • B) Nara Dreamland
  • C) Tobu Zoo
  • D) Tokyo Disneyland

3) In 1962, Astroland opened its gates in Coney Island, New York. This space-themed park isn’t there anymore, but what is the name of the theme park that’s currently operating on the Astroland site?

  • A) Adventureland
  • B) Coney Island Amusement Park
  • C) Dreamland Theme Park
  • D) Luna Park

4) Which attraction opened at Disneyland Anaheim on June 23rd, 1963? Hint: it features more than 150 Audio-Animatronics.

  • A) Jungle Cruise
  • B) Splash Mountain
  • C) The Haunted Mansion
  • D) Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room

5) What city hosted the 1964 World’s Fair, which introduced famous Disney rides like ‘It’s a Small World’ and ‘Carousel of Progress’?

  • A) Chicago
  • B) Los Angeles
  • C) New York
  • D) Paris

6) This blue steel coaster (in the background of the photo) opened in 1965 and it counts as one of Japan’s oldest roller coasters. Which park near Tokyo should I visit to ride it? Hint: there are rumors that the park will be closing forever soon.


  • A) Tobu Zoo
  • B) Tokyo Dome City
  • C) Toshimaen
  • D) Yokohama Cosmo World

7) In 1966, Efteling presented a big novelty in its Fairytale Forest. What was the name of this new fairytale, which was written by Belgian Queen Fabiola?

  • A) Hansel and Gretel (Hans en Grietje)
  • B) Indian Water Lillies (De Indische Waterlelies)
  • C) Little Red Riding Hood (Roodkapje)
  • D) The Gardener and the Fakir (De Vliegende Fakir)

8) 1967 was the opening year of Tuscany’s largest theme park. What’s the name of this park, which offers 6 roller coasters nowadays?

  • A) Cavallino Matto
  • B) Cinecittà Park
  • C) Luneur
  • D) Paperopolis

9) 1968 marked the opening of the first Legoland theme park. Where can you find it?

  • A) Billund, Denmark
  • B) Carlsbad, California
  • C) Göteborg, Sweden
  • D) Windsor, United Kingdom

10) In 1969, Kulturpark Plänterwald opened near Berlin, Germany. That name may not sound familiar, but the park got renamed in 1989. What was the new name of this park, which eventually closed in 2001?

  • A) Donauland
  • B) Freizeitpark Potsdam
  • C) Pott’s Park
  • D) Spreepark


ROUND 2 // SEVENTIES // 1970

11) In 1970, the SeaWorld group opened a brand-new theme park in Aurora, Ohio. SeaWorld Cleveland became a successful park and it was transformed to Six Flags Worlds of Adventures in the early 2000’s. But what was the amusement park’s name when it closed forever in 2007?

  • A) Chippewa Lake Park
  • B) Geauga Lake
  • C) Stricker’s Grove
  • D) Waldameer

12) 1971 is mostly known for being the opening year of Walt Disney World and the Magic Kingdom. Which roller coaster opened together with the park on October 1st, 1971?

  • A) Barnstormer
  • B) Big Thunder Mountain
  • C) Space Mountain
  • D) Magic Kingdom opened without roller coasters

13) Let’s move back to Ohio, where Kings Island opened its gates on April 29th, 1972. What is the oldest roller coaster in this list?

  • A) Banshee
  • B) Beast
  • C) Mystic Timbers
  • D) Orion

14) In April 1973, Six Flags Over Georgia opened Great American Scream Machine. What’s the current status of this wooden roller coaster?

  • A) Demolished
  • B) Refurbished by Rocky Mountain Construction
  • C) Replaced to another Six Flags park
  • D) Still in operation as a classic wooden coaster at Six Flags Over Georgia

15) In 1974, Steinwasen Park opened in southern Germany. Nowadays, the park is home to 2 roller coasters: a Mack Rides powered coaster and…

  • A) … an Intamin Half-Pipe
  • B) … a Vekoma Boomerang
  • C) … a Vekoma SLC
  • D) … a Wiegand Alpine Coaster

16) Many well-known theme parks opened in 1975. I’m talking about Walibi Belgium, Europa-Park, Gardaland, Särkänniemi, Fårup Sommerland, Kings Dominion and a park called ‘Busch Gardens: The Old Country’. Where was/is this park located?

  • A) San Diego, California
  • B) Orlando, Florida
  • C) Tampa, Florida
  • D) Williamsburg, Florida

17) In 1976, Six Flags Magic Mountain presented a ride that plays a big role in the climax of movie classic ‘Rollercoaster’. What was the name of that ride?

  • A) Colossus
  • B) Gold Rusher
  • C) Great American Revolution
  • D) Viper

18) In 1977, the big novelty at Blackpool Pleasure Beach was ‘Steeplechase’. Which manufacturer is responsible for these 3 colourful credits?

  • A) Arrow Dynamics
  • B) Morgan
  • C) Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters
  • D) Vekoma

19) Which powered roller coaster opened in 1978 on the site which is now occupied by River Quest?

  • A) Feuer & Eis
  • B) Grand Canyon Bahn
  • C) Grottenblitz
  • D) Tanagra Express

20) In 1979, ‘Avenir Land’ opened in the French village of Les Avenières. What’s the current name of this amusement park?

  • A) Nigloland
  • B) Parc Astérix
  • C) Puy du Fou
  • D) Walibi Rhône-Alpes


ROUND 3 // EIGHTIES // 1980

21) Welcome to the 80’s. The German Hansa Park started this new decade with the addition of a Schwarzkopf looping coaster. What’s the name of this ride, which is still in operation today?

  • A) Fluch von Novgorod
  • B) Nessie
  • C) Royal Scotsman
  • D) Seeschlange

22) In 1981, one of Denmark’s most popular theme parks opened in the village of Nimtofte. What’s the park I’m talking about?

  • A) Bakken
  • B) Djurs Sommerland
  • C) Fårup Sommerland
  • D) Tivoli Gardens

23) Which theme park opened in 1982 in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, USA? I’m searching for the park’s current name.

  • A) Dorney Park
  • B) Silver Dollar City
  • C) Six Flags America
  • D) ZDT’s Amusement Park

24) If you’re interested a good whiplash, the year 1983 probably made your dreams come true. The Japanese Fuji-Q Highland presented a shuttle coaster with a maximum g-force of 6,5. This is an incredibly high number, so it’s actually kind of surprising that the ride remained in operation until 2000. What was the name of this legendary coaster?

  • A) Bandit
  • B) Fujiyama
  • C) Moonsault Scramble
  • D) Takabisha

25) Although Europa-Park opened in 1975, the park’s first roller coaster only opened in 1984. What’s the name of this ride?

  • A) Alpenexpress Enzian
  • B) Eurosat
  • C) Euro-Mir
  • D) Schweizer Bobbahn

26) In 1985, Knoebels in Pennsylvania opened this coaster, which is still known as one of the greatest airtime machines in the USA. Its name is…


  • A) Black Diamond
  • B) Phoenix
  • C) Roller Coaster
  • D) Twister

27) On June 14th 1986, three people got killed during a dramatic accident on ‘Mindbender’ at Galaxyland. Which shopping mall is home to this impressive Schwarzkopf coaster with 3 inversions?

  • A) American Dream Mall (New Jersey, USA)
  • B) CF Toronto Eaton Centre (Ontario, Canada)
  • C) Mall of America (Minnesota, USA)
  • D) West Edmonton Mall (Alberta, Canada)

28) I opened in 1987, I have a track length of 1,340 metres, I’m 45 metres tall and I’m able to generate a capacity of 2000 riders per hour. What’s my name?

  • A) Air Race (Bobbejaanland)
  • B) Big Thunder Mountain (Tokyo Disneyland)
  • C) Lisebergbanan (Liseberg)
  • D) Scorpion Express (Chessington World of Adventures)

29) Norway’s largest amusement park opened back in 1988. I’m talking about TusenFryd, which is currently owned by a large theme park operator. Which one?

  • A) Cedar Fair
  • B) Compagnie Des Alpes
  • C) Merlin Entertainments
  • D) Parques Reunidos

30) We have arrived in 1989, the opening year of Bobbejaanland’s Revolution. This coaster is able to put A LOT of people in one train. What’s Revolution’s maximal capacity per cycle?

  • A) 40 people
  • B) 50 people
  • C) 60 people
  • D) 70 people


ROUND 4 // NINETIES // 1990

31) Welcome to the 90’s. The decade of weird dance music and… the decade of this coaster. Which ride do you see on the photo? (thank you, Google Maps)


  • A) Dragon Mountain (Marineland Theme Park)
  • B) Nemesis (Alton Towers)
  • C) Sooperdooperlooper (Hersheypark)
  • D) Vampire (Chessington World of Adventures)

32) This is the Main Street of a theme park which opened in 1991. Which theme park?


  • A) Movie Park Germany
  • B) Tokyo Disneyland
  • C) Universal Studios Japan
  • D) Warner Bros Movie World Gold Coast

33) The coaster on the photo isn’t the only Vekoma Mine Train that opened in 1992. What other Mine Train opened in the same year?


  • A) Big Thunder Mountain (Disneyland Paris)
  • B) Calamity Mine (Walibi Belgium)
  • C) Colorado Adventure (Phantasialand)
  • D) Mammut (Gardaland)

34) 1993 marked the opening of the world’s second B&M Inverted Coaster. I’m talking about ‘Flight Deck’, which can be found at California’s Great America. What was the ride’s name in 1993, when the park was operated by Paramount?

  • A) Black Hawk Down
  • B) Patriot
  • C) Top Gun
  • D) Wild Wild West

35) 1994 marked the opening of a large Bobsled Coaster at Heide Park. Nowadays, it’s part of a themed land called…

  • A) … Bucht der Piraten
  • B) … Land der Vergessenen
  • C) … Schweiz
  • D) … Transsilvanien

36) One of Europe’s leading theme parks opened in 1995 in the Spanish city of Salou. Which statement about the early days of PortAventura is true?

  • A) PortAventura Park opened without dark rides
  • B) PortAventura Park opened without roller coasters
  • C) PortAventura Park opened without flat rides
  • D) PortAventura opened without water rides

37) On May 25th 1996, the newly developed Pacific Park officially opened in Santa Monica, California. The park is home to a world-famous roller coaster, but what’s its official name?

Westcoast 2 271

  • A) Ocean Liner
  • B) Pacific Screamer
  • C) Roller Coastin’
  • D) West Coaster

38) Isla Mágica opened in 1997 and this Spanish park has a quite unique location. What’s so special about it?

  • A) It’s built on a steep mountain slope
  • B) It’s built on the former World Expo site
  • C) It’s built right next to the ocean
  • D) It’s built on an old airport runway

39) Starting from 1998, Disney’s Animal Kingdom enabled us to travel to Africa comfortably. However, a REAL African theme park opened its gates as well: Ratanga Juction. Which city was home to this park?

  • A) Cairo
  • B) Cape Town
  • C) Johannesburg
  • D) Kinshasa

40) Walt Disney World wasn’t the only resort that opened a new park in the late 90’s. Just a few miles further, Universal’s Islands of Adventure was inaugurated in 1999. Which area isn’t part of this beautiful theme park?

  • A) DC Super Heroes World
  • B) Seuss Landing
  • C) The Lost Continent
  • D) Toon Lagoon

41) Welcome to a new millennium… and welcome to the era of thrill rides. Which roller coaster didn’t open in the year 2000?

  • A) Millennium Force (Cedar Point)
  • B) Robin Hood (Walibi Holland)
  • C) Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster (Walt Disney Studios Park)
  • D) Steel Dragon 2000 (Nagashima Spa Land)

42) In 2001, the world was dazzled by one of the most perfect theme parks ever created. Tokyo DisneySea opened on September 4th and it has grown considerably since that day. Which ride wasn’t there from the beginning?

  • A) Aquatopia
  • B) Indiana Jones Adventure – Temple of the Crystal Skull
  • C) Journey to the Center of the Earth
  • D) Tower of Terror

43) Alton Towers is well-known for its Secret Weapon rides. The so-called Secret Weapon 5 was opened in 2002. What’s the more commonly used name for SW5?

  • A) Air
  • B) Nemesis
  • C) Oblivion
  • D) Thirteen

44) Which European park opened a Soquet coaster called ‘Azteka’ in 2003?

  • A) Bagatelle
  • B) Le Pal
  • C) Sommerland Syd
  • D) Tivoli Friheden

45) 2004 was an important year for Bobbejaanland, as the park opened 3 big new rides. Which attraction wasn’t part of this multi-million expansion?

  • A) El Rio
  • B) Oki Doki
  • C) Sledgehammer
  • D) Typhoon

46) Time for another abandoned theme park: Six Flags New Orleans. In 2005, this park got severely damaged by hurricane…

  • A) … Dorian
  • B) … Katrina
  • C) … Irma
  • D) … Wilma

47) At Holiday World in Indiana, one of the world’s most legendary wooden coasters was opened in 2006: The Voyage. Which themed land is home to this huge roller coaster?

  • A) 4th of July
  • B) Halloween
  • C) Splashin’ Safari
  • D) Thanksgiving

48) Vertigo at Walibi Belgium wasn’t the strangest coaster that opened in 2007. That title is easily reserved for Afterburner, an early-generation Screaming Squirrel. Which park was home to this crazy ride, which got removed only 9 years later?

  • A) Divo Ostrov (Russia)
  • B) Fuji-Q Highland (Japan)
  • C) Gardaland (Italy)
  • D) Gldani Park (Georgia)

49) On April 15th, 2008, Hard Rock Park officially opened its gates. Which American state was the home of this infamous, short-lived theme park?

  • A) Florida
  • B) Louisiana
  • C) New Jersey
  • D) South Carolina

50) 2009 is the opening year of iSpeed, a beloved Intamin Blitz Coaster. What’s the name of the white wooden coaster which stood on the same location before iSpeed was built?

  • A) Eldorado
  • B) Olandese Volante
  • C) Sierra Tonante
  • D) White Cyclone


ROUND 6 // TENNIES // 2010

51) In 2010, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi officially opened together with the world’s fastest coaster: Formula Rossa. The park was home to another roller coaster during the opening year… which one?

  • A) Fiorano GT Challenge
  • B) Flying Aces
  • C) Mission Ferrari
  • D) Turbo Track

52) In 2011, Six Flags Great Adventure opened a B&M Stand-Up Coaster called ‘Green Lantern’. This was a second-hand ride, which originally stood at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom. What was the ride’s name in Kentucky?

  • A) Batman: Dark Knight
  • B) Chang
  • C) Superman: The Ride
  • D) Vampire

53) In 2012, Disney California Adventure Park was re-dedicated after a major expansion. On June 15th, the park opened with 2 big novelties: Cars Land and…

  • A) … Buena Vista Street
  • B) … Frozen – Live at the Hyperion
  • C) … Soarin’ Around The World
  • D) … World of Color

54) Which ride looked like this in early 2013? (photo: Wikipedia/Stefan Scheer)


  • A) Chiapas DIE Wasserbahn (Phantasialand)
  • B) Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts (Universal Studios Florida)
  • C) Helix (Liseberg)
  • D) TRON Lightcycle Power Run (Shanghai Disneyland)

55) Chiapas wasn’t the only big novelty in 2014: in Zator, Energylandia officially opened to the public in July. Which roller coaster wasn’t part of this Polish park during its opening year?

  • A) Formula
  • B) Frutti Loop Coaster
  • C) Mars
  • D) Viking Roller Coaster

56) In 2015, Six Flags Fiesta Texas presented a new roller coaster and they named it ‘Batman – The Ride’. This is a…

  • A) … B&M Inverted Coaster
  • B) … Mack Rides Wild Mouse
  • C) … S&S Sansei 4D Free Spin
  • D) … Premier Rides Sky Rocket II

57) 2016 marked the opening of ‘Dubai Parks and Resorts’. Which theme park isn’t part of this huge entertainment resort in the UAE?

  • A) Bollywood Parks Dubai
  • B) IMG Worlds of Adventure
  • C) Legoland Dubai
  • D) Motiongate

58) Heide Park used to be a thrill and coaster destination. However, the park has added quite a few family-friendly rides in recent years. Which film franchise inspired the park’s first interactive dark ride in 2017?

  • A) Ghostbusters
  • B) How To Train Your Dragon
  • C) Saw
  • D) Shrek

59) In 2018 Toverland presented Avalon, the biggest investment the park had ever made. Which company wasn’t part of this huge project?

  • A) Bolliger & Mabillard
  • B) Mack Rides
  • C) IMAscore
  • D) Intamin

60) Tivoli Gardens opened its newest roller coaster ‘Mælkevejen’ in November 2019. It was the replacement for a coaster that closed one year earlier. What’s the name of that ride?

  • A) Dæmonen
  • B) Mariehønen
  • C) Odinexpressen
  • D) Rutschebanen


ROUND 7 // TWENTIES // 2020

61) Which coaster is/was not scheduled to open at an American SeaWorld park in 2020?

  • A) Emperor
  • B) Ice Breaker
  • C) Killer Whale
  • D) Texas Stingray

62) Which theme park is currently under construction on the site marked in red? (photo: Google Maps)


  • A) Legoland New York
  • B) Legoland Korea
  • C) Lotte’s Magic Forest
  • D) Universal’s Epic Universe

63) Talking about Universal… the group isn’t only working on a 4th park in Orlando, but they’re also building a new theme park in a major Asian city. Which one?

  • A) Abu Dhabi
  • B) Beijing
  • C) Chennai
  • D) Dubai

64) Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster at Walt Disney Studios Park closed in 2019, but will reopen with new theming in the future. Which superhero(es) will take over Aerosmith’s recording studios?

  • A) Deadpool
  • B) Guardians of the Galaxy
  • C) Iron Man
  • D) Spider-Man

65) Walibi Belgium is currently building a new coaster, which will become the tallest and the fastest in the Benelux. Which manufacturer is responsible for this new Mega Coaster?

  • Bolliger & Mabillard
  • Mack Rides
  • Intamin
  • Vekoma


The answers!


  • 1 // B // I can imagine that the park’s dolphin show must have been rather kinky. The ‘Gay Dolphin Gift Cove’ is still open for business in Myrtle Beach.
  • 2 // B // Nara Dreamland has been SBNO from 2006 until 2016. The park became a beloved destination for urban explorers in this period. This resulted in loads of cool abandoned theme park photos on the internet.
  • 3 // D // Although some people believe that Coney Island is the name of New York’s famous amusement park, it’s actually the name of the neighborhood. The actual theme park (which includes the ‘Coney Island Cyclone’) is called Luna Park nowadays.
  • 4 // D // ‘Jungle Cruise’ was an opening day attraction in 1955, ‘The Haunted Mansion’ was presented in 1969 and ‘Splash Mountain’ opened in 1989.
  • 5 // C // Be sure to watch the 2015 film ‘Tomorrowland’ (Project T) to get a glimpse of this unforgettable moment in Disney history.
  • 6 // C // In February 2020, rumors started spreading that Toshimaen will be replaced by a Harry Potter-based experience.
  • 7 // B // Be sure to visit this attraction if you like catchy music.
  • 8 // A // Freestyle is the Cavallino Matto’s main thrill machine: a Togo Stand-Up Coaster.
  • 9 // A // This one was easy, right?
  • 10 // D // Just like Nara Dreamland, Spreepark became a beloved destination for urban explorers after its closure.


  • 11 // B // Geauga Lake was closed at the end of the 2007 season. The water park area remained open as Wildwater Kingdom, but it was eventually closed in 2016.
  • 12 // D // Magic Kingdom’s first roller coaster was built in 1975: Space Mountain. Later, they opened Big Thunder Mountain (1980), The Barnstormer (1996) and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (2014).
  • 13 // B // ‘Beast’ was one of Kings Islands’ first roller coasters in 1979. ‘Banshee’ opened in 2014, ‘Mystic Timbers’ in 2017 and ‘Orion’ should be opening in 2020.
  • 14 // D // The trains got replaced, but the ride is still in operation in its original form.
  • 15 // D // Steinwasen Park can be found in a hilly area, so that Alpine Coaster makes sense.
  • 16 // D // Busch Gardens: The Old Country was the first name of Busch Gardens Williamsburg. ‘The Old Country’ refers to the park’s European theme. The version in Florida was originally called Busch Gardens: The Dark Continent, as a reference to its African decoration.
  • 17 // C // ‘Great American Revolution’ was later renamed to ‘La Revolución’, ‘Revolution’ and ‘New Revolution’. Maybe because it didn’t want to be associated with a bad movie?
  • 18 // A // Arrow Dynamics was also responsible for Revolution, which opened 2 years later at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.
  • 19 // B // ‘River Quest’ was built on the former location of ‘Grand Canyon Bahn’ (Schwarzkopf powered coaster) and ‘Gebirgsbahn’ (Schwarzkopf steel coaster).
  • 20 // D // Walibi Rhône-Alpes is currently home to 5 roller coasters, including a rather unique Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster called ‘Mystic’.


  • 21 // B // Nessie’s theming was stuck in the 1980’s for quite a long time. However, the ride finally got some modern-day decoration at the start of the 2019 season.
  • 22 // B // The 3 other parks are older. Bakken opened in 1583 (!), Fårup Sommerland is operational since 1975 and Tivoli Gardens opened in 1843.
  • 23 // C // 4 different parks, 4 different states: Dorney Park lies in Pennsylvania, Silver Dollar City can be found in Missouri and ZDT’s lies in Texas. Six Flags America is located in Maryland, in the Washington DC area.
  • 24 // C // Moonsault Scramble consisted of two 70-metre tall spikes and a super-intense inversion called the ‘Pretzel Knot’. Nowadays, the location is occupied by a Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter with the name ‘Takabisha’.
  • 25 // A // These are the 4 oldest roller coasters at Europa-Park. Alpenexpress opened in 1984, Schweizer Bobbahn followed one year later, Eurosat opened in 1989 and Euro-Mir in 1997.
  • 26 // B // Seriously… I didn’t even feel my seat for most of the ride.
  • 27 // D // The park has a total of 4 roller coasters, but Mindbender is by far the most famous one.
  • 28 // C // All these rides opened in 1987, but their statistics differ greatly. ‘Air Race’ and ‘Scorpion Express’ are considerably shorter and lower, while ‘Big Thunder Mountain’ definitely isn’t 45 metres tall.
  • 29 // D // This Spanish operator has owned the park since 2008.
  • 30 // C // The train has 30 cars for 2 riders, which gives a total of 60 riders. This train is approximately 56 meters long.


  • 31 // D // ‘Vampire’ is located in Chessington’s Wild Woods section and it opened in 1990. So apparently, this coaster is just as old as a certain coaster enthusiast from Antwerp…
  • 32 // D // Movie Park Germany’s Main Street was literally based on this one, so it looks very similar. However, the German version doesn’t have a roof. Tokyo Disneyland and Universal Studios Japan have covered Main Streets, but they both look completely different.
  • 33 // A // The photo shows Calamity Mine (originally called Colorado) at Walibi Belgium. The right question to this answer is Big Thunder Mountain, which opened together with Disneyland Paris in April 1992. The other rides opened in 1996 and 2008.
  • 34 // C // Hello there, Tom Cruise! Patriot is the name of another B&M ride at California’s Great America.
  • 35 // D // Schweiz (Switzerland) would be the most logical choice. However, Heide Park opted to make this ride part of the Transylvania area. Spooky, right?
  • 36 // A // In 1995, PortAventura had 2 roller coasters (Dragon Khan and El Diablo), several water rides and a few flat rides. However, the first dark ride only opened in 2000: Sea Oddysey.
  • 37 // D // California Screamin’ would be a better name… Oh wait…
  • 38 // B // Isla Mágica is built on the location of Seville’s ’92 Expo.
  • 39 // B // No need to book airline tickets to Cape Town if you’re interested in credits… Ratanga Junction closed forever in 2018.
  • 40 // A // ‘DC Super Heroes World’ is a themed land at Parque Warner Madrid. The super hero land at Islands of Adventure is called ‘Marvel Super Hero Island’.


  • 41 // C // ‘Millennium Force’ and ‘Steel Dragon 2000’ speak for themselves. ‘Robin Hood’ opened in early 2000 after Walibi Flevo’s transformation to Six Flags Holland. Walt Disney Studios Park didn’t open until 2002.
  • 42 // D // ‘Tower of Terror’ opened in 2006.
  • 43 // A // SW1 and SW2 were never built, SW3 was Nemesis (1994), SW4 was Oblivion (1998), SW5 was Air (2002), SW6 was Thirteen (2010), SW7 was The Smiler (2013) and SW8 was Wicker Man (2018)
  • 44 // B // Azteka was built by Soquet.
  • 45 // A // El Rio opened in 2000.
  • 46 // B // Hurricane Katrina was a major Category 5 hurricane that hit Louisiana in late August, 2005.
  • 47 // D // Holiday World is obviously themed to national holidays. The Thanksgiving area is home to ‘The Voyage’.
  • 48 // A // The site is now occupied by an Intamin 10-Looper.
  • 49 // D // Hard Rock Park (later Freestyle Music Park) was located in Myrtle Beach, a coastal city in South Carolina. It’s a famous holiday destination for Americans, but apparently tourists weren’t looking for amusement parks and roller coasters.
  • 50 // C // Sierra Tonante was beautiful to look at, but it was VERY rough to ride. I haven’t ridden iSpeed yet, but I’m pretty sure that it provides a smoother experience.


  • 51 // A // In 2010, Ferrari World provided 3 credits: ‘Formula Rossa’ and ‘Fiorano GT Challenge’s 2 tracks. ‘Flying Aces’ opened in 2016, ‘Turbo Track’ in 2017 and ‘Mission Ferrari’ is scheduled to open in 2020.
  • 52 // B // ‘Chang’ used to have a yellow/purple colour scheme and some (very limited) oriental decoration.
  • 53 // A // The park’s old Main Square had been exchanged for a cute Californian street.
  • 54 // A // ‘Chiapas’ was supposed to open just a few months later, but the official opening was eventually postponed until 2014.
  • 55 // A // Honestly, the park wasn’t worth a visit in 2014. Energylandia had only 3 coasters and they all seemed to belong on a cheap funfair…
  • 56 // C // If you answered ‘B&M Inverted Coaster’… I totally understand. However, I wouldn’t have included this question if the answer was THAT easy…
  • 57 // B // IMG Worlds of Adventure is located near Downtown Dubai, while this resort can be found close to Palm Jebel Ali.
  • 58 // A // Heide Park also has a land themed to ‘How To Train Your Dragon’, but the dark ride was themed to ‘Ghostbusters’.
  • 59 // D // B&M built Fenix (Wing Coaster), Mack Rides was responsible for Merlin’s Quest (boat ride) and IMAscore created Avalon’s soundtrack.
  • 60 // C // ‘Mælkevejen’ is a Mack powered coaster, just like its predecessor ‘Odinexpressen’.


  • 61 // C // ‘Emperor’ should open at SeaWorld San Diego, ‘Ice Breaker’ is a new coaster at SeaWorld Orlando and ‘Texas Stingray’ opened at SeaWorld San Antonio in February 2020.
  • 62 // D // You may have recognized Orlando’s famous International Drive on the left.
  • 63 // B // Despite the coronavirus, Universal Studios Beijing is still scheduled to open in 2021.
  • 64 // C // The roller coaster will be themed to Iron Man. A new dark ride on the former site of ‘Armageddon – les Effets Speciaux’ will be themed to Spider-Man.
  • 65 // C // Belgium should be getting an Intamin Mega Coaster AND a Mack Xtreme Spinning Coaster next year. Am I dreaming…?!

Thanks for joining the Theme Park Generations Quiz. See you again soon!

Geschreven doorGlenn

Glenn is 30 jaar, woont in de omgeving van Antwerpen en reist zo vaak als hij kan naar wereldsteden en de pretparken die er te vinden zijn.

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